Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scrapping Day

I had the morning all to myself, pretty much. The kids were up early to go to swimming, and Japa went with them. After swimming, they went straight to Kumon, which gave me another hour of peace and quiet in the house, hehehe.

Watching Monk and scrapping, that's pretty much all I did today. That, and getting pissed that my hands are getting numb and all prickly. Not to mention the fact that my thighs are ultra-sensitive to any touch right now. I have NO idea why this is happening....maybe because I'm going to turn 40 this year?!?!? Hehehe. Oh well. I did go see Dra Bitanga yesterday, and she prescribed a nerve test (NCV and EMG) and a plethora of blood work to be done. Talk about everything! Whatever type of blood work you can name, she probably wrote it down!

The doctor did say that there was nothing neurologically wrong with me, as far as she could tell. But because I was complaining of my hands going numb and feeling like they were 6 inches thick and the hypersensitivity of my thighs, she said she was going to recommend the nerve testing for me. She asked me my baseline numbers for cholesterol, thyroid, and other CBC stuff and I told her I didn't have any. Hehehehe. Yup, at almost-40 and I have nothing to show for it! So she whipped out her prescription pad and scribbled all these acronyms for blood tests.

So from thyroid to kidneys and liver and everything in between, she wrote it down. I asked her why my liver, she said it was because of the diet pill I was on now and from before. Hey, a girl has to lose weight somehow, right? Oh and she kept asking me if I had diabetes, to which I said no, I'm just a big gal! Hmp!

Oh well. My numbing hands notwithstanding, I scrapped.



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