Thursday, October 04, 2007

That Time of the Month: Salaries!

Sometimes I dread the end of the month. Not only do the days seem to zip past, but it's time to bring out the moolah to pay salaries. I don't mind paying the help's salaries, but most of the time I have to take out the good ole log book to determine what their debts total for the month. There are numerous cash advances, phone bills, etc. that I have to deduct to determine what they get at the end of the month.

You'd think that I run a company, hehehe, but it's still some work before I am able to release salaries. I wish the maids and driver would be able to get payday loans on their own and not have to go through me, you know? Most of the time, they need the advances for emergency purposes anyway, so finding a place that will get them their needed money asap would be great.

Sure, they probably have to pay interest, which I don't charge them, but getting a loan themselves would SO free me up from having to do all this (semi) accounting thing at the end of the month! AND, the best part is, the cash they borrow goes straight into their accounts! Can't beat that! convince them......

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