Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ranger's FIRST Day of School

Well, we did it. We went to school. Not the best day, in terms of being able to leave Ranger inside the classroom all by himself. I could NOT leave him because he'd cry SO loudly, it was embarrassing! Sheesh!

All he wanted was for Mama to stay inside the classroom and he was fine. Just as long as he could see me, he was fine. He'd listen to teacher, and play along. But he wouldn't sit on the mat with the other kids. He'd sit on a tiny little chair off to one side, with one of the teachers sitting right next to him to try and make him feel at home I guess.

I did attempt to leave him a couple of times, only to hear his cries through the closed door and the sound of air conditioning! I swear! He did settle a bit, to eat his little snack of hotdogs. :) Yaya thought having a treat would calm him down. He ate his little meal and settled down to watch his teachers and the other kids sing songs and act out the words.

He threaded big wooden toys for the first time today, too, so at least he learned something new! Yay!

Some pics of my baby finally going to school:

This was him SMILING on our way to school.

I told him to get ready because we were near school and we would be going down.

Learning to thread wooden beads.

Playing marbles with the other kids. This warmed him up to the whole classroom environment FAST.
Looking at a book with Teacher Ella.
Getting a Donut treat from Mama on the way home.
Yep. I stayed in school the whole 2.5 hours Ranger was there. Hehehe. *I* was pooped!


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