Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trip to the Emergency Room

Mom and Dad went home from Cebu today. After one day. Apparently, Dad had a stroke last night and couldn't move his right leg. He was dragging his right foot and was keeling over to the right side when they were walking towards Chateau de Busay from the car.

Mom looked him over and observed his symptoms and concluded correctly that he had had a stroke. Instead of bringing him to the ER in Cebu, she opted to take the next available flight out to Manila. I guess she wanted Dad to be close to all his doctors just in case he was going to be admitted.

I picked them up at the airport and we went straight to Medical City. By this time, after the hour long trip, Dad was tired and antsy and didn't want to endure waiting in any ER for him to be checked. I texted his doctor asking if Dad could be seen asap when we got to the ER because he didn't want to wait and was pushing us to go straight home.

So we got to the ER, looked for the doctor on duty and got attended to right away. We wanted an MRI done, but the MRI machines were closed for the night, so we settled for a CT scan. We had to wait for the plates and the doctor to read the initial results to clear Dad for going home.

Yes, going home. My dear STUBBORN father had decided on his own that he did NOT want to sleep in the hospital tonight!!! Aaaargh! So we told him we had to wait to get clearance from the attending doctor in the ER. He turned docile as a lamb and said okay. *roll eyes* Go figure. So we wait under the clear, bright ceiling light of the emergency room. I was with Dad inside while Mom talked to Tita Vykh and company outside (they had rushed to the hospital when they heard bits and pieces of why Dad was returning to Manila after only one day).

Finally Dad was cleared and we all went home. Very. very late. But somehow I knew Dad was ok because the instant we got home, he wanted to go straight to the kitchen because he was HUNGRY! Hehehe. Crossing my fingers that everything will be ok!

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