Monday, October 22, 2007

PT Session #1

Yay! Dad was a real trooper today! He did awesome during his first therapy session! Whoohoohoo! I was exhausted, and I was just sitting there watching him :) I guess it totally helped that Eva, his PT, was a pretty, fair girl. Sexist, I know, but hey, at this point, whatever works for Dad, right? I'll bring a camera next time just so you'll know what I mean.

Anyway, these are what was done to Dad:
1. Paraffin wax for his right hand to bring down the swelling/edema.
2. Electric stimulation for his right leg and right shoulder.
3. Arm exercises, where he raised his arms (one by one) up and above is head, while lying down.
4. Leg exercises, including lifting his bent leg and pushing against the PT's hand.
5. Ultrasound with some form of analgesic (?) to have some deep heating and prepare his shoulder for some exercises.
6. Touching the PT's hand while seated, including reaching across.
7. Getting a plastic cup from the PT's hand, putting in her other hand, stacked. (this pissed him off the most, when he was doing it with his right hand, because he couldn't twist his wrist very much).
8. Getting up from a seated position, and sitting down again. This I think tired him out the most.
9. Walking with the aid of the bars, including turning around.
That's a long list, isn't it? And Dad was exhausted at the end. But I explained to him that it was a good kind of exhaustion, that he had done SO much in the 2-hour session than what he would've done the whole day if he didn't have therapy.

When we got home, he went straight to the kitchen to have a snack. Then it was off to the bedroom for a short nap. He woke up and wanted to wait for Mom in the kitchen, and that's what he did! I expected him to have at least a 3 hour nap! And so Dad surprises all of us even more.....

Keeping my fingers crossed that his body won't be hurting too much tomorrow that it would make him use it as an excuse not to go to PT on Wednesday! :)


Zharmagne said...

Wow! exciting. If he continues to improve he'll be good as new. Hoping there is a follow through to his PT therapy. It'll really do him GOOD. Im excited for him:)

Katie said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad - I'm glad he is in therapy though. Hope it goes well!

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