Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Speaking of Traveling...

...everything's still up in the air with regards to my going (or not!) to the States sometime next month. I would REALLY love to go and be there for Thanksgiving (and for the Thanksgiving sales, of course), but it really wouldn't be complete without the rest of my family with me, now would it? Also, there is the fact that Rogan will be receiving his first Holy Communion sometime early December. Sigh!

I guess I can shop via the internet, but sometimes it's just better to actually see and HOLD the product, you know? Hehehe. Instant gratification, when I can find it!

With the amount of traveling, you'd think I'd wise up and purchase some travel insurance. But nooo.......it's always the LAST thing on my mind! It can get pretty expensive with the amount of traveling we do, including the kids! At least though, we now have health insurance that covers us even internationally. It is the reimbursable type of insurance though, but hey, at least we're covered, right?


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