Friday, October 19, 2007

Time for the Doctor

...for Dad, that is. I took him to the new Orthopedic Center right across the village. Finally! I guess he was feeling a tad bit helpless, and pissed that he couldn't do normal stuff anymore like feed himself and walk properly. All our talk about him needing some rehab to get some sort of order to his everyday life finally got to him! Yes!

So I took him to see Dra. Luisa Lim-Dungca. She was really nice but firm. She explained to Dad what he needed to do and, more importantly, WHY. I thought Dad wasn't listening that much, that he was typically tuning her out, but to my surprise, he would answer the doctor whenever she'd ask him a question! For some questions, he'd look to me, hoping I'd supply the answer, but I remained stubbornly silent, hehehe.

We were at the doctor's clinic for well over an hour, with the doctor doing most of the talking. She did an initial assessment of Dad's condition and she told us what she would be suggesting for his physical therapy. Her list was so long, it filled close to 2 pages! Hehehe. I'm just glad that Dad didn't see all of it, otherwise he'd probably have backed out!

We went past the good doctor's clinic hours, but she was really nice about it, talking animatedly while twirling her pearl necklace in her hands. Very accommodating, that lady doctor.

I think Mom had thought we had started doing the actual physical therapy because she kept texting me and asking what was taking us so long, hehehe. Oh and Mom, if you're reading this, the doctor said NOT to feed Dad...that he should at least try and put the food in his mouth himself!

I was tired from listening to the doctor and trying to explain Dad's medical history. And from sitting down for that long. I was glad to go home after that, but at least I had solicited a positive response from Dad that he was going to start therapy next week. The suggestion of starting tomorrow was on the chance that Dad would agree; he of course nixed that idea!

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