Thursday, October 18, 2007

Christmas is Fast Approaching!

Ack! I just got done with the kids' halloween treat cards last night and thoughts of course turn to Christmas! Yikes! I am constantly on the lookout for loads of coupon codes that I can use while I shop online. Of course ONLINE! It's the best way to shop since I can't be in the States NOR can I stand to brave the holiday crowds. My dang back isn't helping me much either in that situation.

I know I can shop online and have it delivered to Polaris since family will be going back and forth in the next few months. So to you family out have been warned. Now PLEASE make sure you give me some space in your suitcases and boxes for when you come back! Hehehehe!

A few things on my list are a new laptop (HINT HINT HINT!!!), even though I know I just got a new iMac, hehehe. My poor laptop is so battered, bits and pieces are falling off! Seriously! But hey, it's still serviceable. The kids have been clamoring for their own Nintendo DS Lites, too. Sigh! The expense, the expense! On electronics alone! And Japa came home last night with a Sony brochure....looking at big screen TVs! Oh my! And where do I turn to to look at the best deals for these? Why, I go straight to Best Buy, with a side stop to Coupon Chief to get me some coveted coupons or codes for more savings!

I'm also on the lookout now for some deals at to get more of those anti-allergenic pillows I got for all of us. The kids want at least 2 pillows, and Japa and I use 2 pillows each. Silly me only bought 6 pillows total for all of us. What was I thinking! So off I go to look for those and order the dang pillows before they're sold out!

I really need to update my list, too. I know I've bought items to give away as Christmas gifts, but they are as yet unlabeled, unwrapped and have not been assigned to a person, hehehehe.

Ok, off to the hospital now. We're hoping Dad can come home today, and I'm the one who usually does the checking out of the hospital and the paperwork and the payment, etc.

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