Sunday, October 21, 2007

Housewives Scandal

Did you guys ever read/hear about that? How this Desperate Housewives episode totally put down the entire medical field of the Philippines. I know, it's a bit old news, but I want to put it on my blog NOW. So there. Hehehe.

Anyhoo, the hullabaloo over this particular episode was when Teri Hatcher derided Philippine medical schools; the perception was that the people in the medical profession who graduated from the Philippines weren't/aren't fit to work in the States. Or something like that.

Hang on, let me see if I can put in a You Tube video on here:

So anyway, I keep telling everyone that it's NOT Teri Hatcher's fault; she's just an actress paid to say those lines. Who is at fault are the WRITERS for putting in those racial words! Sigh! Don't they realized that a huge portion of the nurses and medtechs (for starters) in hospitals around the US are Filipino!??!?! Hello!!!

It's bad enough that OUR human resources are being taken from the country, but to subject them to this humiliation is a bit too much I think. As of this writing, I know I HAVE read about some apology that ABC issued to the Filipino community. Well HMP! That's the very least eh? I think they also pulled that particular scene from any and all episodes from being aired. Maybe they replaced it with something else. No idea.

Filipinos are finally being recognized the world over for their professionalism, their hard work, and their intelligence. Teachers, nurses, medical technicians, doctors, and yes, including domestic helpers. Heck, in a majority of cruise ships all over the world, the chances of there being a big group of Filipinos within the crew are enormous!

In the States, in the Middle East, and even in Europe. Filipinos have found jobs in london, just like they have found jobs elsewhere. And with Oasis Airlines having some awesome rates to go direct to London from Hong Kong, london jobs in just about any profession will seem more and more attractive to the hardworking Filipino.

So to all the OFWs out there, I salute you! And don't let ignorant idiotic scriptwriters get you down! :)

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