Friday, October 19, 2007

Literacy Day

I actually got my arse up early today. I had to be at the kids' school by 8 am. All for the sake of taking pictures! Hehehehe. Can't help the scrapbooker in me, eh? The 3 big kids didn't have classes per se, but they did have to go to school dressed as a book or movie character. The school's version of Halloween, just before the semestral break.

I sent my camera with Ruby...just in case I was late, or decided I wanted to get more sleep, hehehe. But, I did get up and was dressed before 8 am. Checked the time on my Hamilton watch and off I went. I was a tad bit late, arriving at 830 *wink*, but it turns out I was JUST in time for the parade of the not-so-little-ones.

No pictures uploaded since I have been feeling lazy and out of it back twinge isn't helping any either. Grrr. But needless to say, none of the kids won any best in costume prize this year. Oh well. That goes to show that store bought CHEAP costumes won't do the trick! Hehehe. Back to the Disney shop...AFTER halloween for great deals.

Now, if one of the kids had worn the authentic Stitch costume, I am positive they would have won! Hmp!

Gotta rest up. I'm taking Dad to the doctor who will prescribe a rehab program for him. Need my strength for that, just in case Dad decides to act up and says he doesn't need PT!



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