Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catching Up on Stuff at Work

Work, work, work. Always wanted to type that on my blog. Makes me feel like I did a lot of things at work, hehehehe. Well, I *did* finish the 2008 calendar for the office, and that's a major thing. Of course, to my dear mother who knows NOTHING about how long it takes to scrap (or, in office terms, "put together a layout"), it seemed that I moved slow. I told her creativity couldn't be hurried! Bwaahahahahaha!

Anyhoo, I did stay the whole day at the office. Actually working. :) Signing checks, doing some administrative stuff. Finally eh? Me going with Dad to therapy every MWF will necessitate me being at the office and putting in some time there at least TTH. At least for this week.

Off to have someone remit dollars to the States and get a status report of possible foreclosure on our real estate properties near Las Vegas. Need to finish this so I can scrap in peace tonight! :)

Here are some layouts I was working on when my EHD crashed (thank goodness they were close to being done before I lost everything!):




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