Friday, October 26, 2007

MY PT Session

Well, I went for my first physical therapy session since my slipped discs diagnosis. It was fine, no big deal, I think. The therapist, Mike, was extremely helpful, considering I was so much bigger than he was! Hehehe. This was pretty much what we did:
1. heat packs - to loosen the muscles in my lower back.

2. tens - those thingies that give off electrical pulses. I think I surprised Mike with how high I wanted the tens to be, hehehe.

3. ultrasound - supposed to give off really deep heat to relax the muscles in my back.

4. maaaajor stretching - my hamstrings were so tight, it wasn't even funny. Ok, well, it WAS funny in retrospect. Imagine this guy weighing no more than 150 pounds trying to stretch my logs, legs one by one. He would use all his body weight to stretch it out...and my leg would barely go 90 degrees!!!! Sheesh! Where did all my flexibility go???

5. exercises - one word: UGH! In other words, I had to strengthen my abdominal muscles (what abs???) INSIDE so they would help support my back. Yes, I already *know* that! I guess having to do it is another thing. I did crunches, butt-ups (yes, my term --- where I'd have to put only my arse up while everything was plastered down onto the bed, some back stretches kinda like hyperextensions which I absolutely detest! Oh, doing all that while holding my insides ala Kegel exercises! Tell me that isn't hard!!!
And surprisingly, I perspired! A lot! So much so that I had to take my pearl necklace off because I didn't want it to feel icky, hehehe. I started to sweat on the 7th minute...and I was like, WHOA! When I used to jog, it would take me 15-20 minutes before I'd break out in a sweat! So I guess this is good, eh?

Something to look forward to next week. I think. :)

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