Friday, October 05, 2007

Birthday Preparations

Sigh! I knew I should have gone with McDonald's for Ranger's party! Now I'm knee deep in birthday preparations, I get tired just thinking about what I still need to do!

I've finished designing the party streamer and the mini streamers for Thomas. Those went to the printer's yesterday, and I'm expecting it sometime today. I am finishing up the giveaways for the kiddos, NOT including their loot bags. Still have to do those.

Next time, I am NOT going to listen to Japa when he says "let's just have the party at home". Yeah. I agreed to having it at home on the condition that there NOT be any poker party afterwards. With the boys all congregating during the party, I am just foreseeing that there will be talk of playing "for a few hours only." Uh-uh. Nipping that in the bud before any such thought crosses their minds.

Ok, the streamers just arrived and I like them! :)

Pretty cute, huh? Only thing is, I should've used Thomas' friends for the smaller streamers. Ranger would've loved that for sure!

Some more birthday prep things to do:
1. order his cake (Thomas, of course!)
2. shop for loot bag and items for loot bag
3. wrap Ranger's presents
4. print and decorate loot bag (box, more like it)
5. order some cupcakes to go with the cake
6. finalize orders for ice cream and barbecue
7. double check that the hamburgers are being made
8. double check that the spaghetti sauce ingredients are ready


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