Thursday, October 18, 2007

Out of the Hospital!

Yeah! Dad has been cleared for going home from the hospital. I went there in the morning, knowing that Mom would need help with checking out of the hospital. Turns out that I wasn't really all that needed. Being in the Presidential Suite helped, I guess, hehehehe. She also knew someone from billing, so everything was done in the room, even paying with her credit card.

Dad looks really good. Nice and red color to his skin. He also walked with the aid of his walker and Aguila and Alex and Oca (a combination of ) right next to him to catch him if he teetered to one side. Dad was able to walk, putting emphasis on the right foot forward FIRST, so that that foot would take his weight and get stronger. This was at the advice of one of his in-hospital therapists.

We finally left the hospital at 130 and were homeward bound!

The good thing about this is that Mom can finally go on her US trip. She was scheduled to leave the day AFTER Dad was admitted. We told Dad that if he didn't want Mom to go in the first place, he should have just said instead of having a stroke. Hehehehe. He saw the humor in that :)

We've been telling Mom to go ahead with the trip since they were scheduled to go to Arizona for business, then to Washington, DC for fun fun FUN with Tita Belen and Roc. Lots of sightseeing and picture taking for sure. Hey Roc, if you're reading this, are you ladies heading over to New Yawk to get some Broadway tickets and watch a few shows? Drive? Fly? How far is that? Isn't that in the near vicinity? I.e., driving distance? Goes to show how much I know of east coast geography, hehehehe.

With Dad out of the hospital, it's going to be time for some rehab sessions with a therapist. We're going to see a doctor about his rehab program tomorrow and will schedule Dad for some sessions starting next week. With a schedule of sorts, this will definitely free up Mom to go to the States soon and make the trip with Tita B and Roc.

Ok, I'm off to back up my newly downloaded reset files :)


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