Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Baby!!!

Ranger turns 3 today! He's a big boy now. Waaaaah!!! He's growing up, that's for sure, and with him going to school now, it just finalized a lot of things in the growing up department. Sigh. Don't you wish you could hang on to them as babies just a wee little bit longer? :)

Love those pics up there. One of my faves is that one of diabetic Dad enjoying his ice cream! Sigh! hehehe. It was a teeny scoop, but he didn't complain--he just enjoyed it! That big pic in the middle is Ranger enjoying his early birthday present from Ninang Bag: the huge Island of Sodor mat! He's also playing with another early birthday present from Tita Zhar and Ninong Rod: Dennis the train. And yes, he's munching on french fries for his was what he wanted to eat after mass, hehehe.

We didn't have much activities, just eating and the kids running around. We did set up the inflatable jumping thing, but it was drizzling and the kids waited oh-so-patiently for it to stop raining so they could jump inside :)

Did you see the cake and streamer I had made? Cute huh? I also made some bag tags as giveaways, although not everyone had Thomas obviously. The girls had high school musical 2, there were Pokemon cards, as well as Pooh. Customized with each kid's name of course! :)

Am pooped!


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