Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Halloween Treats

I dragged myself out of bed today to work on the kids' Halloween treat cards. Instead of expensive loot bags, I decided to go with a bar of chocolate wafers taped to a halloween card. And of course I dug through my digi scrapping supplies to do it! I automatically reached for Dede Smith's Boo Bear Tearz since they are so darn cute! I also used these last year to label the loot bags of our kids during their Halloween party.

I did NINETY cards. Yes, 90!!! That's for the 4 kids' classes. Sigh! Education sure is expensive! hahahahaha! Anyway, I had to have them developed at a one-hour lab, then took out the price tags from the chocolate bars, then taped the said bars to the photo card. Easy peasy! But with my back hurting the past few days, it sure was a monumental task for me to be seated that long! Before stuffing the cards in plastic bags for the kids to take on Friday, I of course took some pictures..........which are still in the camera, waiting for me to download. I'll update this post with them soon!


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