Monday, April 13, 2009

Super Duper Early Flight

Like 5:55 am. That's in the EARLY morning!!!

And that meant getting up at 3 am or so to take a shower, stuff our nighties in our suitcase, zip up and grab a taxi. We left the hotel at 4 am and even at that hour, we weren't the early risers at the airport! LOL! There was a line waiting to check in! Whoa! Good thing I had paid extra to get us those front seats! Row 2, not 1. I was going to pay an extra $4 each for a row 2 seat but NOT an extra $20 for the bulkhead! Hehehe.

And pretty much everyone nodded off to sleep during the 3 1/2 hour flight back home. I had a cat nap of sorts, waking up because my neck was soooo stiff! Ugh! We landed at Clark, grabbed our bags and were out of the terminal by 10 am.

On the drive back to Manila, we passed by McDonald's for some much needed food. I know, not the greatest food of all, but it was fast...and via the drive thru.

I had promised Raegan a shopping trip when we got home, so we got dropped off at Trinoma and she shopped for some shorts and shirts. The poor child wasn't feeling well at all (she had vomitted before we left the hotel) and I had her sleep the rest of the day while the others went swimming.

Yup, I slept too. And I finished my book:

Part 2 of the Magdalene Line, it further delved into the possibility that Jesus was married, had kids and other descendants. More importantly, author Kathleen McGowan relates that Jesus and Mary Magdalene wrote a gospel called the Book of Love.

Lots of intriguing tales and definitely has realms of possibilities. I love this book and its predecessor, the Expected One, too. Easy reading, making me want to go and research stuff. Yes, including history books. Although of course, I'd want those history books to read like fiction, lol!

Ok, off to a meeting. Yes, my dear husband scheduled a meeting for tonight, the day I arrive from Singapore, with a super duper early flight! Aaargh!

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