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Sigh. Reporting for site duty today. Again. But I did have a driver this time, hehehehe. Lola's driver, Mandi, was volunteered by dear mother today. At least I did have time to read my latest copy of Time Magazine during the drive...and had a catnap, to boot! Ahhh......the advantages of being driven around. :)


With the traffic here, I probably read half the magazine going to the site! Sheesh! It was a very interesting read, and I picked this mag specifically because of the kids' blog project (take a look on the right side of my blog for a link). I figured they'd love to scan through the magazine to look at the increasing number of endangered animals on our planet....and that they can make a difference somehow.

I'm still planning on them adding to their website. They can do at least a drawing or two of an endangered or about-to-be-endangered animal, add a bit of research, and I can upload. At the very least, they'll be learning something and hopefully, in the process, they can figure out something that can help save this "new age of extinction" from coming about.

Scary thought that even *we* as a species can become extinct. The bad part is, *we* would have brought it upon ourselves because we are destroying our home, our planet. There's a lot of people out there who are either uneducated or misinformed, or worse, they just don't care about the trash they contribute to Mother Earth!

The kids have been fantastic about recycling, not using styrofoam, and conserving water and gas, among other things. That's the school-and-home-partnership at work :)

{MOTHER'S DAY} fast approaching. May 10. Yikes! That is just a few weeks away, and I haven't thought of ANYTHING yet for gifts! Oh the stress! Hehehe. I did come across this site for cookie wedding favors. And no, I do NOT cook or bake willingly, hahahahhaa! But Raine does seem to enjoy doing it, so maybe the kids and I can do something like this? They bake and I package. LOL.

Yes, the best of plans will most likely be put on the side. But just looking at the site makes my mouth water! Not just because of the chocolate chips and other goodies, but take a look at the cutest packaging for an edible wedding favor! Can anyone say scrapbook-inspiration? Lots of eye candy here, literally! My fave has got to be that polka-dotted pair of pink and brown and blue and brown. (yes, sisters dear, the PINK one!)

Come to think of it, this wedding candy favor treats don't have to be limited to just weddings, right? I DID think of them for mother's day....and with the option of making your own logo, heck, these can come in handy for corporate giveaways and Christmas gifts! Hmmmmm......can you hear my brain cogs whirring yet? :)

Anyway, my mind will be searching for other gift possibilites for Mother's Day. Gotta have a lot of options before actually doing something right?

{17 AGAIN}

Yup, the movie. I took Raegan, Rogan, Raine and Reese to see it. Opening day today, I think, but luckily, not a whole lot of people at the mall at 145 pm. For summer, it was surprising.

Summary: A middle-aged father wakes up to find he's seventeen again. So, he enrolls in the same high school as his children to be close to them.

What would you do if you got a second shot at life? Class of 1989, Mike O'Donnell is a star on his high school basketball court with a college scout in the stands and a bright future in his grasp. But instead, he decides to throw it all away to share his life with his girlfriend Scarlett and the baby he just learned they are expecting. Almost 20 years later, Mike's glory days are decidedly behind him. His marriage to Scarlett has fallen apart, he has been passed over for a promotion at work, his teenage kids think he is a loser, and he has been reduced to crashing with his high school nerd-turned-techno-billionaire best friend Ned. But Mike is given another chance when he is miraculously transformed back to the age of 17. Unfortunately, Mike may look 17 again, but his thirtysomething outlook is totally uncool in the class of 2009. And in trying to recapture his best years, Mike could lose the best things that ever happened to him.

Overall, *I* enjoyed it, although it was expectedly predictable. For me, at least. The kids ---ALL of them--- thoroughly enjoyed the movie. They were laughing and smiling all the time, so I knew they were getting their kick. Read that as "kilig to death" hahahaha! And simultaneously, all 4 of them brought their hands to their eyes during the kissing scene/s. Too funny! Of course, there were some times in the movie that I would literally guffaw because of some outlandish outfit of Ned (Zac Efrons best friend in the movie who plays his dad when Zac is 17 again and tries to win over the principal). The kids would look at me like I was crazy and....if there were more people in the theater, they probably would have melted in their seats if they could. Bwahahahaha!

Totally funny, totally cute movie. If your daughter goes gaga over Zac, or even if she doesn't, she will after seeing him in 17 Again! :)

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