Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Morning Walk and an Afternoon Assessment

The older kids were at swimming training, and Japa soon followed to bike around the village. After scrapping a bit and downloading, I decided to go power-walking in LaVi. Sort of. But when I had made the decision to get up, the rain poured. As in huge raindrops, and pouring in SHEETS! Whoa! It's the summertime, Mother Nature!!!

After an hour or so, the rain finally stopped. Ranger was in his couch potato position, looking like he was going to spend the entire DAY in bed just watching TV. I finally coaxed him to get up and get dressed, purportedly to visit Bric, hehehe.

So off we went to LaVi, and I was able to persuade Bang to come with Bric in tow.

The half hour of walking was pretty good, and I worked up a sweat in no time. I guess those Office Aerobics classes did some good, hehehe. I did miss them the last week when I was sick, that's for sure.

Bang and I kept up a pretty good pace, I thought, although my heart wasn't exacty pounding from the exertion. It was enough pushing the kids in their strollers, especially during the constant upward ramp in the route that Bang had us do. Whew!

And Bric sure entertained us the WHOLE TIME, talking non-stop round trip during the entire half hour. He had a continuous monologue going, lol!

Here's their photo when we got home. I fished out a couple of juice packs from my bag and gave it to them. I asked them if they were tired and they resoundingly said "YES"! Bang and I looked at each other and laughed, THEY were tired?!?! All they did was sit there in their strollers! LOL!

And thirsty---boy, did they chug that juice down like THEY had done all the walking!

In the afternoon, while Japa took the girls to the parlor to have a summer hair cut, I took the boys to have an assessment done for Filipino. Kind of like Kumon, in a way, I guess. Ranger apparently, wasn't all that ready to be enrolled in the program. He was still conversing in English during the entire assessment, hehehehe!

Rogan probably fits perfectly in their target market: older, can read, and refuses to understand Filipino. Truly his father's bane, hehehe. He knew a few basic words, but it was obvious that he needed a lot of work on developing his vocabulary. In Filipino.

I wish I had a ready photo of the girls with their new hairdos. They looked adorable with the shorter hair! Of course, it was all nice and fixed since they came from the parlor. Crossing my fingers that they'd be able to fix their hair like this everyday! Yeah right. Here's hoping that they'd at least ATTEMPT to fix their hair the way it should be fixed! :)

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