Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mom Was in a Snit Today

Sort of. She found out I drove myself to the Site. Using the suburban, to boot! Hehehehe. Well, Randy didn't report to work since he had some swelling of some arthritic whatever. He didn't look well a day or so ago, so I'm pretty sure it was a valid excuse.

Japa had taken the Everest to work since he had several meetings. So I was left with Rex, the big boy. And I left home at a non-peak hour just so there wouldn't be that much traffic. I got to the site in 45 minutes, which wasn't too bad.

The issue with my dear mother is that I drove when there were other drivers at home who weren't doing anything. I also drove in a not-so-low-profile vehicle, which isn't always a good thing. And I drove to the site, which was quite a drive, as opposed to just to the office at the Galleria.

Okay. Well, I told mom that I was perfectly capable of driving myself, I was a strong woman, and that I would be going home early enough so that the kids could have the car for swimming. Our driver was in some government office in the morning, which was why I had to drive in the first place. She was probably wary of the fact that I may sideswipe some bozo driver (which this country has too many of) and have to face motorcycle accident attorneys, among others. Hmp. This, from a woman who steps on the accelerator while driving downhill; just ask Elizza. Bwahahaahahha!

So yes, I was at the office, still with NO internet and barely any signal. But there was so much stuff to do, the time flew by! And that's a fact. Too soon, it was 230 pm, my targeted departure time.

All I can say is, thank goodness for SUMMER. There was barely any traffic on Katipunan since school was out! Whoohoo! So it was smooth riding all the way home.

I uploaded more Proj 365 layouts:

And that is half the month of April done! See why I'm loving this project? :)

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