Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scrap Happy Post

It was a hot hot HOT Sunday! Sheesh! Blistering hot! It just HURT to step outside! Ugh!

We all woke up late, so scratch the plans to go to mass in the morning. We did have a late breakfast, at around 10, which was nice since we were all present at the table. Chit chatting, we almost lost track of the time and had to scramble to get showered and dressed for lunch at Ayala.

Now Japa and I know the trick to having the kids avoid huge lunches at his house on Sundays: late breakfasts! LOL! All of us were surprised that the kids ate just a little bit for lunch. Some rice, a little bit of steak, and that was it! Whoa! It's never happened in the history of all their meals at Ayala! Bwahaahahahha!

The kids with Japa took up yaya badminton in the front yard. Don't know how they did it, but like I said, it was sweltering outside! Blech!

Like our homemade "net"? Hahahahaha! A nylon rope, for pete's sake! Oh well. Anything to keep them active and having fun during this seemingly loooooong (and hot!) summer!

At 4 pm, we attended mass. And yes, it was hot hot HOT in church! Man oh man! And good thing I was listening attentively to the homily because the priest mentioned that it was Divine Intervention Sunday today. Note to myself: look up Sister Faustina and read up on her.

Anyway, the priest said that those who say confession today and attend mass (or was it receive Holy Communion?) will receive an indulgence. That sat me up straight and I quickly whispered to Raegan that we had to attend confession since we missed Easter Sunday mass last week. Raine of course, trailed us and went to confession too. I should have told Rogan to go with us too, darn it! Oh well. Next time. :) As it was, the girls and I stayed well after mass since the line for confession was soooo long! And did I mention that it was hot? Hehehehe.

Ok, talking about scraps, I was quite the productive scrapper today:




Can you tell I've on yet another album? Hehehehe.


Elizza said...

Whoa! You're so fast in scrapping singapore!!!! :D can't wait to see the new album! can you just print 2 photobooks?! include me and reese na lang in the pages! hahaha!

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