Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mantas Swim Meet Day 1

Here's the entire contingent of the Ayala Harpoons to the meet:

All 3 of Coach Jana. Hehehehehe. Such a laaaaarge group, eh? The kids were a bit embarrassed to be parading in front of everyone with just the 3 of them, but they couldn't NOT go around the pool right? Hahaahaha!

The kids had 3 events each:
100m free - 1:16.32, 3rd in heat (personal best)
50m breast - 0:47.95, 4th in heat
200m IM - 3:05.78, 4th in heat (personal best)
[splits: fly - 0:40.54; back - 0:48.99; breast - 0:54.39; free - 0:42.00]

100m free - 1:27.13, 4th in heat (personal best)
50m breast - 0:53.60, 4th in heat (personal best)
50m back - 0:47.66, 4th in heat (personal best)

100m free - 1:28.49, 1st in heat!!! (personal best)
50m breast - , 4th in heat (personal best)
50m back - 0:48.98 (didn't beat her personal best)
It was a good day for everyone. If the truth be told though, I was expecting a medal from Raine, considering it's her last year in the 8 and under age group. But she was thwarted again and again by her nemesis, Mary Rose, who did get a few medals. Oh well. A lesson for her in terms of doing better in training and not taking training for granted.

Coach was happy that everyone did swim their PBs in most of their events. I can't remember if Raegan got PBs in the first 2 events, since Singapore. She did well in her "first official meet" in the 11-12 age group. She placed in the top 10th to the 16th in all her events, so that was a good showing.

Raine, as expected did well, getting ribbons in all her events for the day. She showed some poise during the start AND towards the end of her swims. In the past, she'd just about died in the last half of the race. Today though, she was pretty consistent in her speed, so that was good.

Rogan, though, was a big surprise. Last year, he was always towards the bottom of the pack in the overall ranking. For today, he was 4th in all his heats, which weren't even the slowest heats! His placed somewhere in the middle of the pack, which was awesome for him! :)

It was a little bit confusing following the events because apparently, the team from Thailand entered the event 4 days ago, AFTER the programmes had been printed! Aaargh! I wasn't about to buy a newly printed programme for HK$40 when the kids had a free copy of the old programme, WHICH the organizers put on sale btw, for HK$20.

After the races of the day, the kids took showers and we all trooped back to the hotel to rest up a bit. Not even an hour later, we were downstairs for dinner so that the kids could go to bed early and be ready for another day of swimming tomorrow.


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