Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Or at least, trying to. Woke up reeeeaaaalllly late. Like 1030 late! That's not normal for me. I did wake up around 630 am; I downloaded some scrapping stuff and ended up going back to bed. For a few more hours, hehehe.

After a few hours at work, I went home to enjoy some peace and quiet before the kids got home. I gave the boys their Lego Star Wars and they crammed themselves into a corner of the room to work on it. Rather, Rogan crammed himself into a corner and quickly got lost in his own world of spaceships and droids. Ranger kept going up to his Kuya and asking, "Is it done yet?" Bwahahahahaha!

To quiet his brother, Rogan shoved a few pieces of legos into Ranger's hands and told him to work on it. Here's what the little boy came up with:

Yup, he did that all by himself! I didn't know that these droids had to be put together. I assumed they were all in once piece, lol. I guess not. Since when did Lego toys get so complicated? Sheesh!

Raine was busy finishing her Little Women book, so that she could start on The Wizard of Oz, the book that we brought home for her. It came in this pretty hard bound cover, and had some illustrations in it.

I am SOOOOO happy that the kids are finally getting into reading. Slowly, but surely. I hope. Crossing my fingers that the trend continues. The trick is, I think, not to force them into it, obviously, but to have them CHOOSE what books they want to read.

Raegan was busy with her still-new Guitar Hero on the DS.

Yup, getting into the swing of normal things. :) It's good to be home!

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