Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pre-Singapore Preparations

For dinner, we congregated at Sweet Inspirations for mongolian food. It was a pre-birthday celebration of sorts for Raegan, who won't be here for her 11th birthday to celebrate with Papa and her siblings.

After dinner, we stopped by La Vista to say hi and bye, and for a few wishes of "good luck"s to Raegan and Reese.

Then it was time to pack. Yes, it's last minute packing, as usual. Again. No matter how early I try to plan, I end up putting everything into the suitcase at the very last minute. Then staying up late for other last minute stuff. Not sure what, but it's always the case when I travel: staying up til the wee hours in the morning before we leave. Sigh! Our flight's not until 10 am, but we have to leave early because we're leaving from Clark, a good hour and a half away if we're lucky. Oh well. At least we can sleep on the way there.

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