Thursday, April 02, 2009

Game Night!

It was Game Night! We all gathered around the kids' round table: Raine, Raegan, Rogan, Papa and moi. Ranger was behind Papa, immersed in his DS games.

Raine - Mrs White
Raegan - Mr Green
Rogan - Col Mustard
Papa - Professor Plum
me - Ms Scarlet

I had forgotten how much FUN this game was! And, more importantly for me, it was a very good tool to hone the kids' logic building and problem solving skills! Shhhh, don't tell the kids that this is all educational, otherwise it would surely suck all the fun from the game, hehehehehe.

Papa came out the winner, guessing the correct suspect, weapon and room JUST before I did! Hmp!

Oh well. Maybe next time. This sure beats the ole' Marco-Polo game that the kids have been playing every night this week....with their father! LOL!


bentonflocke said...

glad you have a funny time playing this wonderful game!

karen said...

i remember playing this when we were in highschool. good clean fun! =)