Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day

Not Earth Day the DAY, but Earth Day, the KIT, by Jacque Larsen. :) Designed at the last minute for Earth Day on April 22nd, Jacque brought out this kit for The Lily Pad's Tadpole Tuesday:

I didn't have the photos we had of the Earth Hour last month on hand, so I thought out of the box and came up with this:

hehehehe. I liked how it turned out, with a touch of whimsy. Sort of. And that quote is just PERFECT, don't you think?
* * *

When I left the office today, the staff were asking me why I wasn't joining them for Office Aerobics anymore. Well, it HAS been quite a busy month, what with the Singapore trip and the upcoming Hong Kong meet to go to! Whew! Definitely a whirlwind few weeks! I *do* miss exercising (gasp, is that me???), especially the aerobics sessions at the office!

I have announced that I was going to be serious on the exercise front starting May. For sure. I've asked the kids to help me out on this and, with a promise from me that Papa wasn't going to be in our exercise sessions, they willing agreed. We've lined up swimming, running and walking so far. It has yet to be scheduled, but hey, planning's a start right? Then there's Office Aerobics every Tuesday and Thursday. I can pencil in yoga at home in the mornings if I don't get to do anything with the kids. I also want to try Kettlebells. Looks interesting AND fun at the same time! Making a note to self to do some more research on these funny looking dumbbells!

So yes, I am SERIOUS about starting to exercise a tad bit more than usual! :)

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stella dizon said...

I'm proud of you ate! That's the spirit :) After reading this, it made me want to work out as well :) Thanks for the inspiration