Monday, April 20, 2009

Girls Out at the Parlor

The nail parlor, that is. It was time to go to Le Charmant since the nail in my middle finger snapped. It was irritating me so much that I cut and filed the edge of my finger bed. Yuck! So because it was an unsightly thing to behold, a trip to the nail salon had to be made.

I had Raegan come along to try out the nail wrap for her bitten-nails. I was thinking that the wrap would help her grow her nails and help her avoid biting them. Besides, the nail wrap makes your nails hard, it'll be difficult to nibble at them, hehehehe.

Raine's eyes lit up when she heard we were going to the parlor (didn't matter what kind of parlor it was, just as long as it was a kikay thing), and she practically begged to come with us.

So, with both girls in tow, we got to Le Charmant. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so:

The pic above shows Raegan's hands, nicely wrapped and french-tipped. With nail art, to boot, since her manicurist had so much fun doing her nails! Hehehehe.

I have yet to take a photo of Raine's lavender nails. They came out really nice and girly. Trust me, that was the best option since she wanted PURPLE, i.e., eggplant (!!!) colored nails! I told her to choose an age-appropriate color or go colorless; her manicurist I guess felt a little bit sorry for Raine, so she brought out the lavender colored nail polish :)'

Before they dropped me off at the office, I told the girls not to be too conscious of the nail polish on their hands, especially during swimming! God forbid that they wouldn't touch the wall hard enough because they might ruin their nails, hahahahaha!

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Elizza said...

hahaha! Kikay!!! :D