Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 2: 7th Asean Inter-Club Age Group Swimming Championships

The girls were insistent that we NEEDED to be at the race site early so that we could get the team some seats. The poor team was like a group of squatters, sitting on the floor because there were no assigned seats! Grrr!

So as we speeded to the Woodlands at 640 am, I looked up at the sky and remarked to the girls: "Hey girls! The MOON is STILL out!" Bwahahahahaha! Hmp.

At least we DID get an awesome spot for them, right by the 10 meter-to-go mark. We had ample space to lay out their mats and then surrounded that space with the monoblock chairs. Basically blocking out anyone who wanted to squeeze into their space, hehehehehe. Yes, call us protective. Oh, and Coach Archie did have a bench-throne right in the middle of everything :)

Three events for Raegan today:

First up is the 200m freestyle. She was easily the first in her heat, by a big margin. This event gave Raegan her BEST showing so far, coming in 10th overall, out of 26! Hmmm.....a mid-distance swimmer maybe? Probably too early to tell, but at least she used this particular event to help calm her nerves a bit, for the 100m butterfly.

Second event was the 50m breaststroke. Ahhhh. Raegan came in 2nd here, behind her friend Kate (who's always neck and neck with Raegan in swim meets, hehehe).

Take a look at how CLOSE their times are! Lane 2 and Lane 8. That ONE second difference was the difference between 13th overall and 16th overall, out of a field of 33 breaststrokers in the age group.

Last event of the day was the 100m butterfly. THIS event Raegan was soooo nervous about. I asked her what the problem was last night and she answered that this was the FIRST time she was going to compete in this event. She was confident in her 50m fly, but she knew that the 100m fly would be a test.

And last night, she just could NOT keep still! I finally did some visualization with her, to calm her down. After that session, she opened her eyes and told me she was calmer. A little bit. In the middle of the night, I was wakened by Raegan FLAILING in bed. When I looked at her, she was doing the backstroke on the bed! While sleeping! Hahaahahaha! I guess she really was nervous!

She came in 4th in her heat, which was enough for a 12th place overall out of 20. Not bad, considering it was the first time she swam this event, but she did look pretty slow and her arms so heavy. When she went out of the pool, she looked pretty tired, but relieved that this was over. I told her that at least she now had a good gauge of her abilities for this particular event, and that she should try to compete in it again to see how she would do.

One of her main goals was to beat Franco in this event, which she did, by 0.38 seconds! Heheehhe. Healthy rivalry here, which is good! At least it will push all of them to swim better and swim faster.

Check out this series of pics of Reese:

Hehehe. She didn't want to eat the broccoli that came with their packed lunch. I told her I was going to SCRAP a page about her if only she ate a piece!


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