Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Internet and No Signal

Grrrr! It was soooo frustrating today! I was at the site and there was barely any signal in our office! Which meant it was sooooo hard to communicate via cellphone! And in a country where texting is such a big thing, you can understand my frustration.

To top things off, there was NO internet as well! Aaaaargh! The gods are conspiring against me! I couldn't access email (among other things); and there were some things that I needed from my email account for work! Blast it!

Anyhoo, I did manage to get some things done...despite the lack of technology!

No wonder I sort of scrapped in a frenzy when I got home. There was internet, my cellphone was getting its messages, and I had a couple of hours before the kids got home.

I continued scrapping for my Proj 365:

I am LOVING doing these!

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