Wednesday, April 08, 2009

In Singapore

I am finally showered and all CLEAN after a pretty long day! Ahhhhhhh!

The day started at 445 am, when our alarm went off. A quick shower, a dash of ironing for the hair, a quick Mcdonald's breakfast courtesy of Elizza and Reese, and we were all off for Clark Air Pampanga....for our flight to Singapore.

What airline? Tiger Airways, a Singapore-based airline that offers el cheapo fairs! As in! The fare I paid for BOTH Raegan and myself were still less than what we would have paid for on Philippine Airlines for EACH of us! So now tell me WHY wouldn't we drive the hour and a half to the airport?!?! Hehehe. Soooooo worth it!

The catch for the cheap fares? No food on the plane. Not too bad actually, since we did eat before the flight. And since we were up early, Lai and I were fast asleep for a good part of the flight. Raegan and Reese were yacking up a storm, reading and playing their DS games the whooooole time!

Here are Raegan and Reese just before boarding the plane. Good thing I had my handy dandy cellphone camera on hand. And yes, I insisted they stop and smile, hahahahaha!

Here we are at the Singapore BUDGET terminal airport. Take a look on the lower left corner of the photo. It clearly shows the word BUDGET terminal, hehehehe. What, like this is a lower-class (well it actually is) level of terminal?!?! Gasp, gasp! Bwahahahaha! It's just un-sosy like you know? :)


From the airport, we hail a taxi. Our driver spends probably 5 whole minutes leafing through a book of maps. Then we speed off, and he starts punching in the address of our hotel in his GPS. While driving. He asks me to call the hotel, and I do, so he can ask for directions. He talks while driving. A manual car WITH a stick shift! He literally needed THREE hands!!! Sheesh!

Anyhoo, we get to a sort of residential area with big white structures. Apparently they were the British Army barracks way before. There are some buildings in one part of the camp that the Singaporean Army still use. Anyway, it was an okay-looking area, and we finally got to the hotel.

I swear, as we were driving up to the front of the hotel, I heard Reese say, "YIKES!" Bwahahahahhaa! I am laughing as I type this up! That remarked totally made me laugh and it was EXACTLY what we were thinking, only that she said it out loud!

It wasn't the greatest looking hotel, that's for sure. And we were MIGHTILY RELIEVED that we had the wrong hotel. Sort of. We were dropped off at the old wing; our rooms were in the new wing. The lobby was much much MUCH better, and the rooms were pretty decent.

I guess it's hard for US if OUR kids have been used to the standards of Mamalyn! Haaaaaaay! I swear, I'm going to hold true to my promise - er, threat! - of booking a really rinky dinky room for us to stay in during one of our trips! Hmp!

This next photo shows our FIRST meal in Singapore.

Man, were we sooo hungry! It was Yoshinoya for us, at Compass Point, some mall near the hotel.

Here's a fave pic:

Raegan totally enjoying her dinner of noodles with the food court on the highest level of Compass Point. That bowl right there was a mere S$4! What a meal, eh? Hehehehe.

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