Monday, April 06, 2009

Starting to Scrap My 365

With everything I got yesterday, I finally started to play with them! And boy, was I busy! But everything came together so fast, it was just exhilirating! For example, I finished monthly summaries just like that *snap*!

Pretty cool, huh? :)

I'm still deciding on whether to have my books printed monthly or quarterly. I guess we'll see how I do in the first few pages of scrapping the actual days. I guess the layouts came together so fast because I had my pictures at the ready, all labeled (uploaded to my Proj 365 Blog), and ready to be scrapped.

Thank goodness I had organized all those pics! :)

I actually made a mistake of flattening all my layers for the February Summary; I realized it only when I opened it to copy shadows and sizes. Ugh! So yes, I had to do that page all over AGAIN! But using templates and with my photos ready, it was a cinch!

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