Sunday, April 12, 2009

Last Day of the Meet

It was a lonely taxi ride in the early morning. It was just Raegan and me in the taxi, and we were at the Sports School by 635 am. It was DARK when we got to the pool, and were definitely the FIRST ones there!

And so at 645 am, we had set up the team's place by the pool:

Perfect eh?

Two events for Raegan today, completing her EIGHT events in the meet.

The 100m breaststroke is one of Raegan's favorite events. She says she can skip the 50m, but she rules the 100m, lol!

She was first in her heat and 11th overall (out of 28). Pretty good numbers I'd say!

The second event was the 50m freestyle. This event across ALL age groups had TONS of entries....because it was the 50m freestyle! We had to wait forever for each of the kids' age group to be called!

Raegan's 2nd place finish in her heat gave her the 16th overall spot, out of 33. Still the fastest swimmer from the Philippines in her age group! Whoohoo!!!

And that wraps up the 7th Asean Inter-Club Age Group Swimming Championships.

Oh wait. In all competitions, there will be laughter.......

and tears.......

Reese was pissed and sad that she didn't beat her time of 0:33 at the 50m freestyle.

Danelle was crying in this pic because Reese was crying. In another photo, Leny was crying because Danelle was crying! Hehehehe.

And how was YOUR weekend?

Happy Easter!!!

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