Saturday, February 21, 2009


TKD. That would be Tae Kwon Do.

Japa and I were at Amorante Sports Center to support Raine in her Promotion Test from Yellow belt to Blue belt. We arrived at 730 am and entered the air-conditioned hall. All I can say is, THANK GOD FOR AIRCONDITIONING!!!!

This would be our hang out place for the next.....are you even ready for this???.......c'mon, sit down and get ready.......

We were inside the Amoranto hall for the next ELEVEN HOURS!!!! Egad!!! All this waiting sure ranked up there with...with.....CHESS! (spit that out when you say it, and you probably get how I felt the whole day, ROFL!)

At least with chess though, with Rogan, it was only about 4 hours or so. Excruciating 4 hours. But hey, it was ONLY 4 hours.

Today was just unbelievable! I mean, all I can do is just LAUGH about it since it's done! Sheesh! We waited a couple of hours maybe before Raine was finally called for her promotion test.

Check her out:

Take note of the high kick, pointed toes, and FILTHY feet! Bwahahahaha!

After successfully completing the test, (we assumed she had gotten promoted to the Blue belt since Coach Allan didn't send her home, hehehe) we waited and waited for the mini competition to begin. And waited.

Did I say we waited yet? LOL.

I don't remember anymore what time the competition started, but suffice it to say that all the parents were relieved that it was action time. Guess again. Yup, we waited some more.

Finally, Raine was called. She was one of the last ones called from her school. So off she went to the stage to get ready. After a few more minutes of waiting (it was a LOT of minutes, actually), her name was called, asking her to step up. She did, excited, and grabbing at her gear. Only to be told that she was advancing to the next round since her opponent was a no-show.


After sort of celebrating that she was going on to the next round for all of 2 seconds, Raine was pissed. She practically shouted, "What?!" , turned her back on the announcer and stomped off the stage. LOL. A real athlete, I like to think. She was so looking forward to actually doing some competing during the competition!

A few more hours of waiting and the EXACT same process happened. By this time, Raine I think was pretty weary with all the waiting and just nodded and sighed when told her opponent was yet another no-show and that she was advancing. In the meantime, little did I know that my competitive (not-so-little) daughter was, in fact, watching the OTHER group of competitors in her category and looking to see who was advancing. Sneaky, eh?

Another few hours and news got to us that Raine was actually in the GOLD medal round!!! Hahahahaha! How's that for a FIRST time competition in a new sport for her??? Hey, after all that waiting, we were going to TAKE the opportunity! :)

And finally, oh finally, the blessed time came. The gold medal round, and of course, the one and ONLY round for Raine. Raymond, husband of Joy, remarked to us that he sure wouldn't want to be Raine's opponent. I asked why and he responded with, "are you kidding, after seeing Raine's reaction when her first opponent was a no-show, you just KNOW she's got everything pent up inside!". LOL.

There were 2 rounds of 1 minute each, with a break of 20 seconds in between. You get points when you kick your opponent in the body, 2 points in the head. Don't worry, they've got armor. And so it started. From the start, Raine was down by a point. Then it was 5 to 3. Yikes. I was getting a little bit worried, but was cheering for what it was worth. And yes, the whole hall could probably hear me, hehehehe.

Then Raine delivered the crucial blow: a kick to the left side of the head. Although Raine's opponent was seemingly stunned for a second, it was enough. She was wary of Raine from that point; I like to think Raine was buoyed by the fact that I was practically jumping for joy at the sidelines and cheering her on, hehehe.

Raine started charging and gave her opponent a few more semi-strong kicks. I knew she was getting tired. There was an accidental kick, though, when her foot slipped and hit her opponent's groin area or upper thigh. Ouch! Then it was break time. One of her coaches talked to her, pumping her up. And all too soon, it was time for the second and last round. My poor girl sure was getting tired. Her kicks were getting lower and lower, but she was still being aggressive and charging forward. Like I said, the damage had already been done, since the other girl, although taller than Raine by a little bit, was all weepy, especially when she glanced over at the monitors and saw that she was down by a couple of points and that there was barely any time left.

And yes, just call my Mama Banshee when the buzzer sounded. Hahahahaha!

At 630 pm, after 11 hours and a GOLD medal, we went home. FINALLY.

Congratulations, Raine!!!

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