Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nerdy Candy

I left work early so that I could wrap gifts for the kids' teachers; not only is Valentine's Day happening this weekend, but it was Teachers' Day at school. For all FOUR kids. With a minimum of 2 teachers each.

I rummaged through my stock cabinet and stock boxes and surfaced with some Pooh and Friends little bean bag dolls. Whew! The day was saved, hehehehe.

For the kids' classmates, I was able to buy Valentine's Nerds candy before we left the States. Good thing Walmart was selling these early:

They had space at the back with a To: and From: and the kids wrote their classmates' names on there. Not an easy task, with close to 90 names to do, but I made the kids do the writing since I was wrapping gifts for their teacher.

As usual, I did NOT have the time to do something creative and artsy :) Sigh! I keep meaning to do a project for this particular occasion, but time somehow always eludes me!

Maybe next year! :)

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