Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scribbling at Work

What with going back and forth between the main office and the site, it is so hard to keep organized! I'm usually an organized person, making lists and keeping tabs on that list, but this splitting-myself-between-2-offices is a tad difficult, hehehe.

I'm attempting to organized what I can, but I'm still at the lower rungs of the ladder. Finally, not relying on what I could put onto the computer, I grabbed a steno notebook and WROTE. Yup. As in pen and paper, with my HANDS. Heheehe. Awful handwriting for sure, but that scribbling worked! Sort of. Enough for me to jumpstart my brain in thinking of ways and means to better organize the stuff that I need to do.

So next week---or rather, in a couple of weeks---I will be armed and ready. Hopefully. There's something about actually using your hands to do something; and I'm not talking about just typing at the keyboard here. Really making something with your hands. Like writing :)

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whatkatiedid said...

I love your scribble scribble!
What a great alphabet that would And I couldn't agree more about the want to actually write and create something with your own hands, I go a bit stir crazy if I only do PC stuff!