Friday, February 06, 2009


No, not another tv series. Dad had to be rushed to the ER yet again....only 3 days after they arrived from the States! Sigh! Is our air quality that horrible here? Most likey. Dad said that he was having difficulty breathing; Bric went to Mom and heaved his little chest up and down to demonstrate how he saw Lolo Boy. Luckily, Mom did go and check on Dad and found him taking unusually deep breaths.

So off to the hospital they went. Bang sent a text to everyone and we made arrangements to go to the ER.

When I got there, Dad had all sorts of tubes attached to him, he had had an xray or some scan, and he had an oxygen mask on. He looked pale and thin on the hospital bed. Soon after, he was transferred to the ICU. We were pretty much chased out since it was in-between visiting hours. Mom of course insisted that she be let in, and the nurses had no choice but to let her in. If they didn't there'd no be stopping Mom, so they did the smart thing, hehehe.

The initial diagnosis: Dad may have sepsis, some sort of blood infection. He will be needing antibiotics to help fight this infection. Additionally, his blood pressure had to be monitored because it was dipping below his normal reading. A good thing that came out of the start of battery of tests being administered is that Dad's lungs are CLEAR from liquid (relative to what he already has in there) and he does NOT have pneumonia. Whew! Thank God for small favors!

But like I said, Dad didn't look all that great in that hospital bed. Hoping and praying he gets lots better soon.

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Olivia Dizon said...

Hey Te! New cleaner look for your blog ah! :) It 'll take some getting used to because I've always associated you with bright, happy colors and not 'neutrals' :) hehe...