Friday, February 13, 2009

The Presidential Suite

This is Dad's room. The Presidential Suite of the hospital. LOL. Standing joke of the family, when it comes to Dad and his choice of rooms while at the hospital. I will never forget the expression on his face when he was wheeled into a "regular superior room" after his stint at the ICU or at the Telemetry Floor a few years ago. He looked around, frowned and spat out "I don't like this small room!" Hehehehe.

And with Dad's luck, of COURSE the Presidential Suite was available!

Good thing Dad transferred out of ICU this afternoon, too. I was bogged down at work and didn't leave until about 730 pm, I think. No wonder my back is still stiff, with all the sitting down I've been doing.

And no, I have NOT finished with the insurance stuff, nor the ID numbers stuff OR the Appraisal forms. Aaargh!

Oh well. Tomorrow will be a new day. Maybe I can finish something while I'm at the hospital first thing in the morning to relieve Rod and Zhar. Mike the nurse was struck down with fever today and couldn't make it to the hospital.

Tomorrow, Dad will be having a debrieding (???) of his bed sore. Gross, really, but it involves the scraping of his dead tissue around his sore. Eeewww. But it has to be done, otherwise it will never heal. The main thing we're concerned about is that he has to be sedated for the procedure. And if the past is any indication, Dad is always in this lethargic state for a long period of time every time he is given a sedative.

So again, the family thanks you in advance for all your prayers and well wishes. Keep them coming!

Oh, and yes, I scrapped! FINALLY, after a week!!!


And I am DONE with the ALL the kids' 8th month pages! WHoohoohoo! Hey Sisterhood!!! Have YOU guys been doing your pages??? Hehehehe.

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