Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Aquathlon and The Artiste


Bright and early and Japa, the girls and I were off to Ateneo for the Aquathlon. Second year in a row and here we are! Yeah! Hehehe. For me, it was just the perfect excuse to get off my arse, hehehe. Call it my annual bout of exercise, bwahahahaha!

My goal wasn't to come in first, obviously, but to beat my time. This year, the organizers borrowed this thing called the RFID. Made the whole event feel so.....professional, hehehe. They gave us this band that we wore on our right ankles. That was on us during the entire 600m swim, and the 5k run. However, it was only activated when we stepped on the starting mat AFTER the swim and AFTER the run. It therefore recorded only the run part; the swimming part was still tallied by the event's organizers.

This year, the damn Lipovitan I took with my medicine overwhelmed me. I don't know who of you take Lipovitan, but for those who do, I'm sure you understand what I mean when I say I felt this rush of blood going through my entire body, making me almost hyperventilate. Which technically, wasn't too great if you were in the water trying to avoid gulping in globs of water as swimmers splashed around you.

After getting over that Lipovitan feeling, I started to feel better and stretched out my strokes. I finished the swim in 18:20. Should've been better if not for that drink, I swear, hehehehe. I think I was a tad bit faster last year.

And let's not even get started on my transition time, LOL! It took me 3:10 from the time I got out of the water to the time I started my run. Don't these people know how HARD it is to put on a b.r.a when you're wet?!?!? As it was, for the second year in a row, I ended up NOT wearing my support BECAUSE I was having such a hard time putting it on! Sheesh!

And then the run. I felt pretty good. Maybe it was the Lipovitan finally kicking in properly? I don't know. But I knew m,y body was fine. And yes, that pain reliever Roby prescribed for me (Arcoxia) was truly heaven-sent! My back was fine, my ankle was fine, my breathing was fine. Cool! I finished the whole thing in one hour and eighteen minutes. One minute more than last year!!! Grrrrr! Must've been my transition time, you think? :)


Ah, yes. Our Artiste in the family had a performance today for their final Trumpets play. He had the minor lead for the boys; the whole play centered on the girls, who comprised 98% of the entire cast, lol! Yup, 2 boys, Rogan and Nathan. Rogan had a few solo parts and after a rocky start where he started off higher than his usual voice (hahaaha) he quickly lowered it and everything pretty much went smoothly.

He looked just darling up there on the itty bitty stage. So big, yet so shy. Hehehehe. He did well, although the stage was a bit cramped with all the kids crammed on there, and he was in the back too. Good thing he was pretty big, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten to see him during all the dancing parts.

He was sooo excited to be on that stage. You could see it in his eyes, in his movement. He was a little bit consious in the beginning (who wouldn't?!) but he warmed up pretty quickly towards the middle, even directing the other kids to where they should be standing!

And he's already talking about Trumpets during the summer!

After the play, Rogan and Raine rushed off to attend Kiel's birthday party while the rest of us brought Mommy Nena and Doods home.

What a day!

Heck, what a WEEKEND!!!! :)

***Trying to upload a video of Rogan singing, but it is taking FOREVER! So forget it! :)

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