Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quiz Bee, Iron Chef and Teacups


I was in school bright and early. At 815 am. Sigh. The things you do to show support for your offspring, hehehehe. ALL 3 older kids were one of the representatives of their class for the Math Quiz Bee! To get chosen is a big thing! So yay for all of them!

Raine was first up. As usual, she looked extremely LARGE on top of the stage, as she sat next to her classmates. Hehehe. Her face was expressive enough that I could tell whether she got the right answer or not. And when she didn't, she'd scrunch her face or roll her eyes up, hehehe. Although she flubbed a bit on the Roman Numerals, she got THIRD place!!!

Rogan was next, at 915 am. I pulled him aside before he went up the stage and told him good luck, and did he know his Roman Numerals? :) My son confidently told me that he had studied for the Quiz Bee and that he wasn't worried at all. Hmp! And he cockily sauntered up the stairs to take a seat at one of the rear desks!

I had needlessly worried after all. He was supremely confident all throughout the quiz bee, hehehe. Can you see the grin on my face as I proudly type? He breezed through to SECOND place!!! Now, if ONLY he had circled his expanded numbers and gotten a couple of points for that, he would've been champion! Next year. :)


While Rogan was having his quiz bee, I was running back and forth between the covered court and the HELE area of the school. Raegan was in the Iron Chef for her class and was getting all flustered and mad at her groupmates. The boys were EATING what they were preparing and my daughter was having a major fit! Her face was as red as her shirt and I'm guessing it took all of her control to keep from screaming at the top her lungs to tell the boys to stop dipping their hands in the wok and shoveling the Yang Chow Fried Rice into their mouths! My poor child! She definitely did NOT need to be stressed an hour before her quiz bee......but it sure was funny to see! Hehehe.

But can I just say that it was ONLY their group that did NOT have a parent or a yaya helping them cook, clean up and decorate the plates for presentation. I mean REALLY! Sometimes parents have NO sense at all!!! For stuff like these, people, leave your children alone because they will and do cope with whatever happens! Sheesh!!! Pissed me off royally. Pretty soon, I could've joined Raegan in her hissy fit because of some people! Grrrr!

Good think I *was* running back and forth between Iron Chef and Math Quiz Bee, hhahaha. Forced me to relax as I took in gulps of air. Couldn't miss a moment if I could help so I could snap lots of photos! :)

I waited in the covered court for over an hour for Raegan's Quiz Bee to start. Although home was very near, it was useless to waste gas to go back and forth. Plus, Ranger had to be picked up anyway, so I had the driver wait outside instead.

Anyway, back to the {QUIZ BEE}

Raegan of course was a nervous wreck going up the stage. As usual. This girl sometimes has no confidence in her abilities and it pisses me off! Anyhoo, she sat down and chit chatted with the other representatives. Well of course she did; when she's nervous she can talk a mile a minute!

I couldn't follow or even remotely GUESS what the answers were to most of the Grade 4 questions. The numbers just sounded TOO big! Hahahahaha! And this is Grade 4?!?! I didn't even hear of some of the terminology they were using until I was in high school, I think! My goodness!

Anyway, by the middle of the Quiz Bee, I was hoping Raegan would squeeze into third place, but she faltered some on the difficult questions. But hey, FOURTH place is pretty good, too! That coupled with her stressful Iron Chef period, made for an overall productive day!

What a haul for my kiddos today! Whoohoo!!


Katie Nelson asked me to scrap with her newest kit, Natural Spring:

And when I saw it, I automatically thought of the Mad Hatter's Teacups:

Whew! What a day!

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