Sunday, February 15, 2009

HS Reunion

Out of about 45 girls in Section 5, 17 or so showed up to our little reunion. I'm pretty sure we were a little bit more than the girls in this pic, but hey, of COURSE I posted the photo where my largeness is covered! Can you see me? Bwahahahaha!

Let's go through the list:

Seated: Gina Beng looks pretty much the same. Quiet, but can sport a loud laugh :)

Becky is the same as ever, I don't think she even ages! Hmp! Hehehe :)

Pia Abe, looking radiant and downright glowing for a 40-year old preggy lady! Oh, too have looked like her when I was lugging around the kiddos! LOL!

Lizzie and Isabel, both soft-spoken as ever. Not moving a muscle unless needed.

2nd row: Michelle H, always with her ready smile, was a delight to talk to. Chitchatting about anything and everything.

April. O.M.G. As hilarious as ever. It was nonstop laughter and talking as soon as she stepped in the room.

Girlie. Love that riproaring laugh, although she was a little bit subdued tonight.

Mariza. Always a lady, and a girl scout to boot; she had a small notebook and some markers which she passed around, making sure everyone put their updated information on it. To be turned into a directory of sorts. Great idea!

Pia Barb. Hehehe. Gotta smile when you talk about Pia! She always has a huge grin on her face.

Alou. We did have this reunion just for her (and Guia). It's been 5 years since she's been back in Manila and did she demand we have a reunion of sorts because she wanted to see everyone! Looking lovely as ever, Mrs Cross was talking a mile a minute and flipping those locks around :) Hey Alou, I'm holding you to that offer to stay with you in San Diego!!!

Martini was the ever-efficient one, rounding up everyone (with Malou Gamboa) and making everyone pay for tickets to some fundraising event :)

Jing was as tiny as ever, looking slim and thin (darn it!, hahahaha!) in her black halter and white pants.

May Ann. Was May-Ann :) Gregarious, asking after everyone and everything in everyone's lives! Totally miss this chick, and yes, I owe her second son sooooo many years' worth of gifts! (he's my godson)

Next one's moi.

Vicky, the TV girl. Newscaster diva. You would think all the fame's gone to her head, but nope. This soft-spoken lady gal was still very lady-like, prim, proper and.....I could barely hear her talk, hahahahahha!

Last of the bunch is Lally. Cousin-in-law, believe it or not. Looking HOT in her little blouse, hahahaha! And yep. Same as ever Lally! She was a little bit on the quiet side (not too much though) because she had left a very sick Allana with Bacolod!

It was a raucous few hours....enough to give me a headache with the nonstop noise and chatter. I expected it though; that IS what you'd get if you throw more than 15 women who haven't seen each other in years in a room! :)

I did have to leave early to go to Reese's brithday dinner though. Where I ate a LOT of stuff (as usual). HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY, Reese-y poo!

Ok, gotta PACK for Hong Kong tomorrow!!!


Zharmagne said...

Vicky Morales is the ate of my seatmate, Dino Morales!

Anonymous said...

hi ate! you know michelle henson pala. she's the sister of my college friend, pat... we're friends on fb too. i took them around nyc when she and her husband visited after their wedding. small world! : ) peach