Thursday, February 05, 2009

NCIS-ing It

I have a new obsession, er, series to watch: NCIS. Love love LOVE this show! The mystery, the humor, the bantering between the characters! Did I say I LOVE this series??? Hehehe.

And Mark Harmon was my first ever teenage crush I think, hahahaha! I forgot what that movie was (The Merchant something or the other) but man oh man, what a MAN! :)

I wouldn't say move over to CSI just yet though. I think they're totally different things. Love the closure on each episode while leaving us bits and facts of certain characters. Would love to know everything about each interesting character! Fast paced and although concentrating mainly on the Navy, I don't care. I have fun watching it.......

......which is most likely the reason why I have NOT scrapped in several days! I can't watch and scrap at the same time because I might miss a clue or some crucial piece of evidence or conversation or scene! Obsessed? Sure, you can say that. But I'm loving it! :)

Ok hush, off to watch some more until I fall asleep.......

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