Sunday, February 08, 2009

Family Day at Enchanted Kingdom

It was the annual MI Family Day. Good thing this year, we didn't have to go out of town to do it. This was a major issue last year, and why we did NOT go....there simply was no time!

Sadly, our little family had to be divided: with 3 kids in grade school, everyone was participating AND had to be with their grade level. Of course. Raine had dibs on me, and we wore green. Rogan had dibs on Papa, and they were in orange. Raegan gladly had yaya (and Ranger---she wasn't *that* glad to have him, heheehehe) and they all wore red.

And because we were all in separate places for most of the day, whoever had the camera was the only one who had pics! Heheehhe. See, Japa? I just KNEW we had to hang on to your old camera!!! Oh well. Good thing Japa never got tired of taking photos! I haven't looked at the photos yet (sorry, they're still in the camera as of this writing!), bt I'm pretty sure there are tons of Rogan. Raine has a few, since I had the camera for an hour or so. Raegan, probably nothing since we were never able to pass on the camera to Coset. Ranger had a few.....when he told me to take a few pics of him with my cellphone, hahahahahaha! Wise kid!

He was eating his ice cream and asked me to take a photo of him eating it. I told him Papa had the camera and he looked at me like I wasn't thinking and said, "No, Mama, with your phone!" Hahahahaha! Now why didn't I think of that???

Bright and early, we were at Pancake House, stuffing ourselves with breakfast. Good thing we did, too, as we had our own version of the Amazing Race until 1 pm! And the kids sure were hungry! Thank goodness we had pre-ordered meals, so we got those fast. But of course, a burger and a drink wasn't going to be enough for the kids and their bottomless pits of a stomach, so Japa ordered a huge cheese pizza for all of them.

Raegan was officially a tween: she didn't eat with us, and she went with her friends for the remainder of the day. Oh well. She's responsible enough and obsessed with the time, so I had no problem with her whatsoever. Rogan on the other hand, was another story. This boy has NO concept of time. At all. And there was no way he was going to be left on his own, hahahahaha! Actually he was, for an hour or so, but thankfully, the park was small enough that Japa found him: at the Laser Tag area. Raine falls somewhere in between her Ate and Kuya. She could be responsible, but when she's having too much fun, she'd willingly forget the time! :)

So our estimated departure from the park at 4 pm was actually just that. An estimated park. After several snacks and waiting for all the kids to show up, we started moving towards the exit at around 5 pm. Right before the exit, we went on one last ride: the Rio Grande Rapids. Um yeah. And *I* was practically soaked to the skin! Right before we had to leave!!! Aaargh!!!

The kids changed in the car. And so did I. But I had a slight problem: I wasn't actually planning on getting wet or even sweaty for that matter, so I didn't have any extra clothes! Luckily, Japa had an extra pair of cargo shorts. Right. And an extra shirt WHICH, as it turned out, was really Rogan's. Double right. And if you know me and my largeness, you just know it was going to be a TIGHT SQUEEZE (yes, pun pun pun!!!) from that moment. Hahaahahaha!

But hey, I guess I *did* lose some weight! I literally squeezed myself into Japa's shorts, but I got the zipper to close. A tight fit across the thigh area, but hey, at least I was dry. Now the shirt. When I found out it was really Rogan's shirt, I said no way was I going to fit in a men's SMALL. Not with these arms and chest! Good think Raegan said she had one of her Big Dog shirts---a Youth 16-18.

Are you screaming with laughter yet?

It was a Pepto-Bismo PINK shirt. And it was dry. Sighing, I ripped my wet shirt off of me and twisted and turned until I got myself into that shirt. And I didn't look TOO bad, bwahahaahahha!

And NO, there was NO picture taking of me in that dubiously sexy outfit! Japa's camera had no battery, and there was no way I was going to use my cellphone camera to remember this particular event! Hehehehehe.

All in all, it was a fun day. Raegan's team won 3rd overall. Grade 6 took second and the champions this year was the Prep team.

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