Friday, November 21, 2008

What A Stressful Evening!

I spent the morning at school helping the kids out with their bazaar stuff. Yes, it's almost Christmastime, and I've always found myself giving more of my time at this period of the year than any other. Consciously or sub-consciously, I have no idea. But when I think about it, I seem to barely have enough time for me than usual! Hehehe :)

In the aftrnoon, I met up with Lai and Bang at this warehouse to buy some supposedly cheap branded toys. And there were some great bargains, but when I was wandering the uber crowded narrow aisles, it struck me that practically the only child that I had left that was a kid-kid was Ranger! *sob sob!* Where did the time go??? There was no need for me to go to the aisles containing megablocks, pigeon bottles and accessories, crib bedding and stroller toys. I mean I couldn't fathom grabbing a doll for Raegan or Raine, nor some Hot Wheels cars for Rogan! And stupid me forgot my faithful black notebook that had my Christmas list! Sigh! Oh well.

The line was winding through several aisles, so we left one of the drivers to line up and pay for our few purchases while we went to SM Marikina. I wanted to look for cheap toys to give to the Marytown kids without having to go to Divisoria to do it. Not at this time of the year, no way! And we found some great sale items in the toy section! Whoohooohooo!!!

While we were paying, Chee, the mom of Bea, Raegan's classmate, called to tell me that Raegan had been burned. I almost dropped the phone, if not for the fact that I thought I didn't hear her correctly! Aaargh!

Turns out that Raegan was feeling cold at one of the cold pools at Ace Water Spa and decided to get some hot water from the hot pool. Her friend suggested the water dispenser and they both got a cup from the HOT dispenser. Oookay. They walk back to the cold pool and sit down. Thankfully, Raegan splashed SOME cold water onto her cup (which I think she was holding in the water) before she tilted the cup halfway to her face!!!

Can you hear me (and her) screaming now????

Thank God they were required to wear caps. That was both a saving grace and a curse for her face. Major saving grace because the cap pretty much stopped the hot water from dripping towards Raegan's eyes, and a curse in a way since it stopped the water, it burnt a bit of her forehead and hairline. Sigh!

Scream here again. Aaargh!

So I come home to see her on my bed, under the covers. And I thought to myself, "Do I even want to see my child's face??? I hope I don't freak out the way she did when she was hurt!" Apparently, she had started crying and refused to come out of the cold shower because that was the only relief she could find for her forehead!

I take a deep breath and turn her around and see a purplish line across her forehead. And this purplish line was SWOLLEN. Think of those aliens from Star Trek...the Klingons (I had to think quite a bit for that one!), the ones with the fleshy foreheads. It wasn't TOO bad, really. This, coming from someone who had 2nd-3rd degree burns on her entire left hand (from attempting to cook!) which resulted in a blister that rose at least an inch (I kid you not)!

Raegan did have a very small blister pop at the right side of her forehead, but she would live :) I was just more concerned that this was all happening on her FACE! Her face!!! I told her anything but the face! :) Hehehehe. But really, not the face, can I stress that enough??

Ate Becca, a derma, came to see Raegan. She prescribed Flammazine to soothe the burn and bring down the swelling, Bactroban for the open blister and Duoderm to keep the Bactroban in. Burns were cleaned, blisters were dressed. Everything was fine. For Raegan.

As we were saying our goodbyes, the lamp fell towards me. I know I caught it before it hit Ranger, who was sitting on my lap. But he was crying so hard; I thought it was all an act because he was so sleepy. After a little bit, I looked down to wipe his tears and noticed that his tears on my chest weren't clear; they were brown. Ooookay. That looked like blood!

I tilted his head up and saw a cut very very near his eye. The lip of the lamp hood HAD hit him, the poor baby! No wonder he was crying up a storm! :( So I screamed so that Japa would hear me and that brought him and Ate Becca back up the stairs to look at what was causing the ruckus, heheehehe. A swipe of opthalmic ointment and a small bit of duoderm later, and all was quiet in the house.


And as a stress-reliever, I scrapped this:


and this:

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