Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Robyn!!!

Robyn turns 2 today! And I invited myself to her party, hahahahaha! Thanks, Lai! It *was* supposed to be just the kids, but when I heard the 3 magic words: Kentucky Fried Chicken.....I just HAD to be there to savor my all-time fave fast food chicken! :)

I had just enough time to go home and throw a bunch of clothes ("dame-e-e-e-t" in Robyn's words) into bags, label them from each of the kids and us and voila! Gifts galore for the birthday girl!

When we entered Apitong, we were greeted with balloons floating from little chairs. On each kid's place was a loot bag (more like a plastic container!) stuffed with yummy candies and chocolates. As if Halloween wasn't enough, hahahaha! And Robyn's cake featured Barney, BJ and Baby Bop. Cuteness!

It was a delish dinner with KFC, spaghetti, chicken ala king and pasta with crab fat (yum yum yum!!!), i.e., taba ng talangka, hahahahha. And dessert was cake and moist brownies. Ahhhhhh! What a perfect meal! :)

Good thing I did invite myself, even if the kids were a tad bit more than the adults, lol. It was fun, noisy and WORTH it!

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