Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chow Time

Dad is getting better, most definitely. We had a productive day today. I got him up and into a chair. All by myself! Then I changed his linens, rushing to and from the nurse's station with the sheets in hand, because Dad was in his chair all alone in the room. Didn't want Mom to kill me if Dad leaned over and fell t the floor now, did we?

The doctors have said that Dad is looking god, and his numbers are going down. Thank goodness!!! His pneumonia is pretty much gone, we're now working on getting the congestion in his lungs minimized.

His foley catheter came off today, to be replaced by a condom cath. We're hoping that this would help his infection disappear sooner; at least there won't be a foreign object in his body to impede his progress. Although the doctors have said that the foley won't have anything to do with the infection, we just like to make sure, ergo the justification. Whatever.

Anyway, Dad is scheduled to have a colonoscopy tomorrow, which is why he won't be getting any feeding via his tube, and laxative was poured down his tube. There is some bleeding in his rectum, so maybe this is the reason for the colonoscopy?


Richie and Joyce invited us to their house for dinner. And man, was there a spread before us!!! I asked Mom if she could send Mike over to the hospital by dinner time just so I could go, hehehhe. Turns out *she* stayed with Dad so Mike could eat....and celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday, Mike!!!

I chowed down on the Korean barbecue ribs. Yum yum yum!!! I must have eaten at least a pound's worth of beef! Sheesh! I totally dug into the meal like there was no tomorrow; I chomped on strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert. Man oh man oh man! What a meal!!! My mouth is watering, just sitting here and writing about it!

Needless to say, I was a VERRRRY happy camper who is going to be sleeping VERRRY well tonight! Hehehehe.

Oh, on a sidenote, Rij is a ginormous boy! Eighteen years old and solidly packed at 220 pounds! Yikes! Raj, on the other hand, has also grown, but is a lot softer than his older brother. At 12 years, old, he's almost lost his baby fat, but is still huggable as ever--a total teddy bear! :)

Tito Ricky was there as well, babysitting Ryder and Reed while Ram and Val went on a vacation. He regaled us with hilarious tales about how he is TRYING to take care of the kids; he wakes up each morning only to look at his watch and wonder how long it will take until 230 pm, when Rij and Raj come home from school to help him take care of the 2 toddlers! Bwahahaahhha!

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