Sunday, November 02, 2008

Chinese Food

We had lunch with Japa's family at some Chinese restaurant......and it was good! :) See, even I will admit if I eat something yummy...even if it is Chinese food! The restaurant, Ahong, was in this obscure corner along Mother Ignacia (?) road. Almost a hole in the wall place, except that the inside was pretty well furnished.

There was soup, fish, peking duck (yum!!!), eel, and birthday noodles, to name a few. We were very belatedly celebrating Doods' birthday, so the whole gang was there. To cap off a perfect lunch, we had mango sago for dessert! Aaaaaah!!! Very refreshing! And probably one of the very very few reasons I break my self-imposed ban on eating mangoes!

After lunch it was homeward bound. To nap off our lunch! Hahahahaha!

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