Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Packing List

My dear daughter reminded me before she left for school that I *had* to make a packing list and give it to their yaya so that she could start packing for Hong Kong. Ummm, ok ma'am! Hehehe. Raegan, ever the organizer and oc-oc kid! And she does know that they're supposed to check everything that's been put out to make sure that they still fit and that they want to wear it.

Before coming home, I went to the Speedo store to get Raine's racing suit. The saleslady sure came through, procuring a size 28 suit! Not the black with white stitching that I REALLY wanted (to match Raegan's), but a dark blue with blue stitching. Close enough! At least it was better than the horrendous rose/maroon suit which was the alternative. I shudder to think about how Raine's tummy would totally be highlighted in that color! Hahahaha!

Ok, I just NEED to try and scrap something before we leave for Hong Kong! I'm pretty sure we're NOT going to have time to go get internet connection nor have time to scrap. I'm anticipating just spending time with the kids and attending to their MANY needs *roll eyes in a MAJOR way here!* But I will be bringing my laptop, no matter what....just in case! hehehe.

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