Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Off to the States

The day sure passed in a blur. It was a busy morning, finishing packing and doing last minute stuff for the household, bills, and kids' extra curricular activities. I interviewed a prospective employee at Starbucks; I moved the venue just so I wouldn't have to go to the office.

The interview went well and I was off to the airport. I did make a stop to get the girls some Twilight hoodie shirts. Then I made a little bit of a detour to drop by the site office to look at their Christmas decorations. I had heard that they did a great job and wanted to see myself before we voted for the winners in our office's annual Christmas decorations.

At the airport, all I can say is that thank goodness for Letlet! Not only did I get advanced seat reservations, I was up for an upgrade, hehehe. Yeah!!! At the very least, my trip to Las Vegas will be in relative comfort :)


It is so dang cold here in Vancouver! We had to deplane and we're waiting until the flight leaves in an hour and a half. Brrrr! I do have my pashmina in my bag, but I'm just too lazy to bring it out, hehehehe.


When I got the Vegas, we went straight to the hospital. I talked to Dad on the way there, and I told him NOT to go to sleep until I got there first :) The first piece of good news I got was that Dic, Randy and Stella told me that Dad was extubated this morning and that he was awake. Apparently, he had gotten over the anaesthesia the nurses had given him for the intubation process and was awake and alert.

We got to the hospital and Dad was looking bright-eyed. His face was still sunken and he had lost a lot of weight again, but he was awake and was talking. And I understood pretty much everything he uttered. No slurring at all, and he talked in a soft voice, but hey, those words sure sounded like music to my ears!

After the limbo-like state I was in the past few days figuring out flights and schedules and operating on autopilot, seeing Dad alert and talking was a GREAT thing to arrive to! I was left with him for a few hours, as the others went home to have dinner. I crashed onto my bed after a hurried dinner and a little bit of chit-chatting; I was tired!

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