Monday, November 03, 2008

Sem Break is Over!

Can you hear the kids crying? Hehehe. But seriously though, a few days into the break, they were missing school! Not kidding at all! I think they're just complaining about NOT wanting to go back to school because it's "the thing to do" or something like that. *roll eyes here* Typical kids, I guess. I didn't expect anything else ;)

Well, with the kids going back to school, it was back to grindstone for us parents, too! I mean, during their break, I did try to spend a little bit more time with them, going to movies, eating out, giving them a home version of Kumon in Reading, hahahahahha! Yeah, they sure loved me for that! :) Rogan even had a Filipino workbook to work on! Yes, when I found that baby, I bought it so fast, even the girls (who were with me) were surprised!

Anyway, the kids came in this morning bright eyed and ready for school. Not groggy at all, nor claiming that they lacked sleep. They just went! :)

Note to self: write an excuse letter for the teachers that the kids will be missing Friday, Monday and Tuesday because we are going to be going to Hong Kong for a swim meet. I know, I know, so soon after the semestral break, but it's been scheduled! Sigh!

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