Monday, March 31, 2008

Out of the ICU!!!

Yes! Dad was transferred out of the ACSU today! He is now in "his" room, the Presidential Suite, hehehe. Huge room, allowing him some comfort that he is in a big space, with loads of room for people to visit. Not that we encourage a lot of people to visit. At least *I* don't want too many visitors because apparently it tires Dad out too much. Can you believe he has apnea even someone is talking to him?!?!? I guess he tries and pays too much attention to the person who is speaking, he sometimes forgets to breath! Sigh! Only dear Dad!

Some guy from MedServe, the insurance company, came by while Dad was still in the ICU. I was the only one there so he talked to me about coverage for Dad's stay in the hospital. I guess his coverage was practically used up since he was in the hospital just last October for a stroke. However, the guy was explaining that if this stay was unrelated to a stroke, then of course they would cover Dad's expenses. Otherwise, we would have to wait until the next renewal date for the coverage to take effect again.

Whatever. All I was thinking was that I would rather pay than have Dad go through the pains and struggles of physical therapy he went through since his last stroke. That, and the fact that I would rather have him diagnosed with tuberculosis than have him diagnosed with cancer all over again! At least TB is curable now!!!

Ugh. All this talk about insurance just reminds me how precious it is to have, especially nowadays! Getting sick is expensive. The basic term life insurance just doesn't quite cut it. Health insurance is a must have, but in this country, it is still a luxury of sorts. Not all companies even offer it to employees, believe it or not! We've wisened up and have started giving our employees health insurance as a benefit and they've shown their appreciation by not coming in too sick to work, or have generally felt better. I guess they're more secure knowing that if something happened, they'd be covered?

Anyhoo, we're aaaaaalllllll glad that Dad's out of the ICU. Of course, this means that we stay in the hospital until really late at night, since there are no strict visitng hours. :)



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